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28 December 2015 @ 07:48 am
31 August 2012 @ 03:43 pm

Vid title:Simple Math
Music by:Manchester Orchestra
Vid by:saltwatergirl
Subject: John Watson & Sherlock Holmes
Duration & File size:4:50 minutes, 100MB
File Type: .avi
Summary: "The truth can not be fractioned."
Thank you carnivouroslamb for being my ever patient beta.
Simple math, it's how our bodies even got hereCollapse )
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31 May 2012 @ 05:24 pm

Vid title:Blue Jeans
Fandom Sons of Anarchy
Music by:Lana Del Rey
Vid by: saltwatergirl
Subject:Tara & Jackson
Duration & File size: 3:50 minutes, 80MB
File Type: .avi
Summary: The highs were so high & the lows were low.
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Vid title:Sweetest Kill
Fandom American Horror Story
Music by:Broken Social Scene
Vid by: saltwatergirl
Subject: Violet & Tate
Duration & File size: 3:10 minutes, 50MB
File Type: .avi
Summary: I thought you were the sweetest kill,did you even know?
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28 December 2011 @ 03:22 pm

Vid title:Degausser
Fandom Source:Mysterious Skin
Music by:Brand New
Category: overview/parallel
Vid by: saltwatergirl
Duration & File size: 3:38 minutes, 54.9 MB
File Type: .avi
Download: 54.9MB

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Current Music: The Blow - Eat Your Heart Up

Vid title:Mermaid Blues
Fandom: Atonement
Music by: Tom McRae
Category: Romance/Angst
Vid by: saltwatergirl
Duration & File size: 4:20 minutes, 44.4 MB & 27.8 MB
File Type: .wmv
Summary: Sometimes letting go is hanging on.

Thanks to carnivouroslamb for the beta!

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Current Music: You are not the Sun- Brand New

Fandoms: Brokeback Mountain & Cold Case
Music: "Come In Closer" by Blue October
Vid by: saltwatergirl
Pairings: Jack/Ennis & Jimmy/Coop
Duration & File size: 3:31 minutes, 34.9MB & 21.7MB
File Type:.wmv
Summary:"We betray the people we love, by loving them"- André Brink
A big thank you to my wonderful beta carnivouroslamb without your thoughts & insight this vid would never have been finished

notes, lyricsCollapse )
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Current Music: Inner Glow- Blue October

It's In His Kiss
Vid title :It's In His Kiss
Music by:Vonda Shepard
Category :Cross over: One Tree Hill/The O.C.
Vid by:saltwatergirl
Pairing :Ryan/Marissa, Lucas/Brooke, Seth/Summer, Nathan/Haley & Lucas/Peyton
Duration & File size:2:40 minutes, 46.1 MB & 20.5 MB
File Type: .wmv
Spoilers: Seasons 1-3 for One Tree Hill, Seasons 1-4 for The OC

Summary:A tongue in cheek take on the OTPs.
download links & notesCollapse )
The feel & tech
With this vid I had to edit footage from two different shows and make it seem like one show. Since there isn't much difference in the colouring between the shows, I was able to achieve seamless (I would like to think) uniformity. I played around with parallels between Nathan/Haley & Seth/Summer. And Lucas/Brooke to Ryan/Marissa. This vid is intentionally literal to a degree. lyricsCollapse )
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Current Music: Better-Dashboard Confessional

Strip My Mind
Fandom: The Dreamers(2003 Bernardo Bertolucci)
Music by:Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Pairing: Matthew /Theo Matthew/Isabelle & Matthew/Twins
Vid by: saltwatergirl
Duration & File size: 3:15minutes, 41.9 MB and 17.7 MB
File Type: .wmv
Summary: Paris '68: sex, cinema & politics.

A big thank you to my beta carnivouroslamb.

Download links & notesCollapse )
"It's the people we love,
the people we live with,
that elude us the most."
-A River Runs Through It

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Current Music: Stereo - John Legend

P O P U L A R !
Fandom: Smallville
Music by:Nada Surf
Pairing: Clark/Whitney, Clark/Jason
Vid by:saltwatergirl
Duration & File size: 3:46minutes, 36 MB
File Type: .wmv
Summary: Clark & Whitney.
           Some jocks want to tackle each other on & off the field.
Clark & Jason.
           You know what they say about the coach & the quarterback?
End credit music: 10 seconds by Cutting Jade *Local Is Lekker* I would have used the source music but at every point of the song there are lyrics over the music.
A big thank you to my beta carnivouroslamb.

Download link & notesCollapse )
I'm a football star I'm popular.
The 4th season was bit like La La Land to quote AlMiles "after the darkness of Season 3 we really wanted to lighten things up" And that meant Clark running around naked, playing football and the introduction of new characters? Interesting. I myself have a serious thing for Footballer-Clark (like Lex!!!). I entertained the idea of linking Born to Popular. I even pitched it to Dee and she told me: one, two, three, no. *ha ha*

lyrics to PopularCollapse )
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