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27 February 2008 @ 02:23 pm
New Vid: Revelations (Brokeback Mountain & Cold Case)  

Fandoms: Brokeback Mountain & Cold Case
Music: "Come In Closer" by Blue October
Vid by: saltwatergirl
Pairings: Jack/Ennis & Jimmy/Coop
Duration & File size: 3:31 minutes, 34.9MB & 21.7MB
File Type:.wmv
Summary:"We betray the people we love, by loving them"- André Brink
A big thank you to my wonderful beta carnivouroslamb without your thoughts & insight this vid would never have been finished

Download:|| 27.1 MB || 34.9MB(click on link & save)

The first born... For the night. These are just opening shots to establish the pairings. We begin with Coop entering the church for Jimmy's son christening I then cut to Jack and Ennis saying their good byes. I have Eileen holding her child, Jack at home with his wife, son and Father-in-law, Alma hanging her washing. Every day activities before their tragic love affairs take over take over their lives.

The clowns put on makeup for show. The 'clowns' being Ennis, Jack and Jimmy who are trying to give an appearance (the makeup) of being heterosexual while in fact having male lovers. "And how the wind she blows. How the wind she blows." The scene where Ennis and Jack both state that they aren't 'queer' a mechanism to allow themselves to succumb to their desire for each other. Jack looks very unhappy because he knows, deep down, he is lying to himself. They both are.

"But I want you to come closer" Despite being married, regardless of their claims of not being gay, Ennis still wants Jack and Jimmy wants Coop.

Come dancing with devils. Need not to know their names I wanted to try display the sadness and seclusion experienced by Jack because of his homosexuality and when Ennis refuses to be with him, driving Jack to engage in random sexual encounters with male prostitutes. Not because Jack wants to. This happens because Jack can't be with the man he actually loves, Ennis. The overlay of Jack walking away with the escort over the motel room where he spent the night with Ennis is a way of me bringing attention to that. Directly after that, I cut to Jimmy and Coop getting dressed in the precinct locker room the morning after the evening they had become lovers. We'll waltz like an army for the fear of our pain. I show Cooper in an altercation with a co-worker after he is subjugated to homophobic remarks. As well as Jack comforting Ennis after talking about how they have had wasted lives due to homophobia and bigots.

Our souls become useless As the day they were born. This is a flashback of young Ennis as he recounts how he was told that homosexuality is a grievous sin that should be punished it the worst way possible, perhaps foreshadowing what would happen to Jack and Coop. In a rusted arm rocking chair This is Jack being drawn into a fiery, passionate kiss with Ennis, his lover while still knowing that the could not be together due to hatred and prejudice. Temporarily he is with Ennis, away from your storm, this interpreted to mean the outside world that dictates that their type of love is wrong, sick and disgusting.

Truth remains lethal, the truth that is that Ennis is gay and that because of people like Joe Aguirre he feels that he doesn't have the right to feel these homosexual desires. This so-called 'truth' is also accentuated by most religions. It because of these beliefs Jimmy also couldn't accept his own sexual orientation.

Where my shoes become hammers.This is Coop's voice, regretting the altercation he got into with Jimmy. I had to use this beautiful shot of Brian Hallisey all bruised up, with shadows covering half of his face. The view shifts from the husband to his wife when the lines my words become sand.Which refers to Jimmy and Ennis's wedding vows. At this stage they are not honoring. Hence 'becoming sand' as in not solid. A female vocalist sings in the background 'and his words become sand' which is why I had Alma overlayed,witnessing Ennis and Jack kissing. The ultimate betrayal, Michelle Williams does a great job of emoting the shock and horror Alma's discovering that her husband is not only unfaithful but gay as well.

At this stage I wanted to demonstrate that Ennis and Jimmy are disregarding their wedding vows and the discourse that is created by their on going affairs. Not only the unhappiness that the infidelity brings to Alma and Eileen but their lovers, Jack and Coop, as well. Wedding batch of roses you threw across my floor appears as if as been thrown aside and once Alma mentions her knowledge of it Ennis is outraged. This is cross-edited with Eileen pleading with Coop to end his love affair with Jimmy and as well as the fights that occurred between Jimmy/Coop and Ennis/Jack. "In the rusted arm rocking chair. Away from your storm" this is spoken from the point of view of pregnant Eileen and Alma clasping her daughter in her hands weeping as her husband leaves her, his children, their family to be with another man. He is the storm, the pain that interrupts their otherwise ideal lives. It is the pain inflicted by Ennis and Jimmy that Eileen and Alma are trying to escape from.

"But I want you to come closer" I have Jimmy and Coop together, Ennis and Jack together initially. And this leads us to the conclusion of the story.

Come In Closer by Blue October

The first born, my heart will call Truly 1
A God-like boy of the sky
The fog hissed away like a movie

And serpents go home for the night 4
The thundercloud rain hits the freeway
The clowns put on makeup for show
The nightfall, my skin crawl kind of evening
And how the wind she blows
How the wind she blows 9

But I want you to come closer
Come in closer. Come in closer.
I want you to come in closer
Come in closer. Come in closer.
I want you to come in closer, in closer

Come dancing with devils15
Need not know their names
But we'll waltz like an army
For the fear of our pain
And our souls become useless
As the day they were born
In a rusted arm rocking chair
Away from your storm

But still, the truth remains lethal22
A lie made by man
Where my shoes become hammers
And my words become sand

I'm' like a sour patch, a wedding batch
Of roses you threw across my floor!
In the rusted arm rocking chair
Away from your storm

It would be rude not to mention this
The idea for Revelations was formed a few months ago. It started taking shape early December. Before the tragedy of Heath passing away.
I wanted to shelf the vid, but Delise encouraged me to finish it.
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Dualbunnydualbunny on February 28th, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)
This is a beautiful vid. The isolated color treatment you did on the sources worked wonderfully to blend the sources--not that the carefully constructed comparisions between the two stories didn't do that as well. :) I had no idea what to expect when I saw the post on "vidding"--I sure am I glad I checked it out. :D
Brisaltwatergirl on February 28th, 2008 10:52 am (UTC)
I glad I checked it out. :D

Thank you!

I didn't change anything from Forever Blue, it was a case of making Brokeback Mountain look like Forever Blue.

I'm really happy you like it and I appreciat the feedback. :)
ext_1060600 on March 16th, 2012 01:18 pm (UTC)
i found this (http://vanitashaze.dreamwidth.org/61159.html) @ thought u might like the review. :))
Brisaltwatergirl on April 12th, 2012 08:19 am (UTC)